Episode 4 - Get SMART - Milestones Along the Path to Your Vision

This week's show is entitled Get SMART - Milestones Along the Path to Your Vision. And this is definitely one of my favorite subjects.

I'm going to jump right in with a little story…

My wife and I opened a franchise bakery business a year ago this week. Each Saturday, I deliver a weekly update chat with our team at the bakery. About four months into our operation, I told them, "There's one thing you'll soon learn about my wife, Janette, and me - we don't let dreams stay dreams for very long. We have a vision of where we want to go and we put a plan into action." And we did just that. Seven months later, we were unanimously approved to open our second bakery location.

This illustrates how quickly dreams can become reality when an actionable plan is put in place.

This principle is one of the biggest drivers in my career progression. And it will be in yours as well. If you adopt it now and are intentional about your planning and execution.

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Episode 3 - Crafting Your Personal Vision

So where are you heading right now? Are you off to work? Between sales calls? On your way to a meeting?

How are you going to get there? Will you take the freeway? Cruise down side streets? Park your car and catch public transit?

What sorts of things will you do along the way? Put on your seat belt, start the car, put it in drive? Maybe stop for gas or grab a coffee?

You do this routine every day. You may not realize it, but you've demonstrated vision, planning, and execution skills. Vision in knowing where you want to go (your destination). Planning in deciding how you're going to get there (your route). And execution (starting your car, putting it in drive, scanning for hazards, and refining your course).

These are the same elements we'll use to help you grab the wheel and take control of your career. Take control of your life.

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Episode 2 - The Lost Art of Planning

Executing without having a formal plan in place has become a trend. That's because most of us have never learned to plan the right way in the first place. Most of us haven't learned to break the goal down to next steps and, most importantly, ACTUALLY SCHEDULE those steps on our calendars.

There are a couple reasons we fail to plan. First, we often don't know how to plan. Second, we don't like the feeling of accountability it puts on us, which is kind of ironic. We avoid the feeling of accountability and trade it for anxiety and regret.

People tend to avoid planning. Maybe they think it's too time consuming or too difficult. But planning is pretty simple and time spent up front planning can dramatically reduces the actual time it takes to complete a goal.

In this episode, we’ll cover the simple power of planning and how you can harness that power to propel your career like never before.

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Episode 1 - Intro to The Gridlock MBA Podcast

Welcome to The Gridlock MBA Podcast!

I'm your drive-time professor and host, Dennis Looney, a multi-unit franchise owner and 28-year sales and leadership veteran.

In this first episode, I introduce myself, my career background, and the reason I created The Gridlock MBA Podcast. I introduce the show's format, share some thoughts for future episodes, and provide information on how to reach me and engage with the show.

I believe you can make significant strides in your career development and growth in a short amount of time with some simple behavioral tweaks and a general awareness of where you stand and how you’re perceived in your career.

This show is intended to provide bite-sized, actionable insights that you can put to work immediately and see tremendous results over time, without a significant burden on your daily workload.

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